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Poulet & Fils

Clairette de Die
Tradition A.O.P
Grape variety :
Muscat Blanc 75%
Clairette Blanche 25%
Alcohol :
7 to 8°
according to
the vintage
Keeping :
Drink young

Elaborated from a blend of several terroirs of the winery, to foster the sweetness and aromatic intensity of the muscat . After a week settling, the slow fermentation of all the juices is activated by indigenous yeast kept under temperature control. A second fermentation in the bottle is enhanced by the grapes' residual sugars, with no adding of a tirage liqueur. After four months in the bottle the sediment is taken out with no adding of an expedition liqueur.

Naturally sparkling white wine. Yellow pale with silver highlights. Full aromas of white peach and litchi, with a long finish with hints of honey. Serve cold (8°C), share with friends as a pre-dinner drink or paired with a dessert such as a pear tart or a crème brûlée.

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